Man in the House of Cards

• May 25th, 2017

It's a tough job selecting a track as the theme music for a book and the promo video. 

For my next techno-thriller, 'Cause of All Causes', I have found 'Man in the House of Cards' by Lost European. Haunting power chords and words that really fit my main character.

Have a listen!



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Anthem of Peace

• August 19th, 2016

Anthem of Peace - another great backing track from Peter Baker & Chris Breen to accompany the video trailer for my next techno thriller 'Sword of Allah' . Katy Brody has a tremendous voice and you can check their full music video at .The book launch is 19 September 2016. And yes, the video trailer is at

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Sicilian Channel - Victim of a Miracle Theme Music

• April 28th, 2016

I'm excited by the theme music for Sicilian Channel. Voice reminds me of Bonnie Tyler. IMHO good enough for Bond theme.

Victim of a Miracle
Artist: Christina Andersson
Words: Chris Breen Music: Peter Baker

This great thriller is available now

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Gate of Tears Theme Music

• December 6th, 2011

I'm delighted with the theme I had written for 'Gate of Tears' What do you think?

...the action is gritty and fast paced - Lee Holz.

Available on Kindle at Amazon

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Undercover Hero Speaks Out

• December 5th, 2011

Steve Baldwin, former Royal Marine and veteran of undercover Yemen missions talks on video about his ‘Gate of Tears’ misadventure. Watch the tongue-in-cheek video and discover why 'Gate of Tears' is a rattling good tale.

Watch Now:
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Gate of Tears - Hero Interview

• November 29th, 2011

Steve Baldwin tells us about himself and his critical security mission in the Middle East, and the tragic loss of his friend. Maruška Pavkovic - a study in psychopathology.

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